Revisions Summary for FEA Consolidated Reference Model Version 2.3

参照モデル(Reference Model)
OMB - Office of E-Gov & IT - FEAPMO
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The Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) provides a common framework to assist agencies in better managing their information resources to improve mission performance. The FEA is comprised of five reference models:

  • Performance Reference Model (PRM);
  • Business Reference Model (BRM);
  • Service Component Reference Model (SRM);
  • Technical Reference Model (TRM); and
  • Data Reference Model (DRM).

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While the FEA reference models have been completed, they will be updated on an annual basis to support agencies’ enterprise architecture programs and the annual budget process and continue to serve as effective tools for IT resource management. To improve the integration of the reference models and to streamline delivery of information to agencies, a Consolidated Reference Model (CRM) document containing all reference models in a single document has being developed and will be updated annually.

The purpose of this reference model revision summary document is to highlight the changes made to the reference models from CRM Version 2.2 to the current version, CRM Version 2.3.


The revisions to the reference models are made based on proposed changes and suggestions received as part of the Reference Model Maintenance Process.

The revisions identified in this document are the major reference model changes requiring review and acceptance. Minor textual change and updates (i.e. grammar, spelling, etc.) are not included in this document. An overview of the changes is provided in Table 1.