Senior Responsible Owner

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The Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) is the individual responsible for ensuring that a project or programme of change meets its objectives and delivers the projected benefits. They should be the owner of the overall business change that is being supported by the project. The SRO/PO should ensure that the change maintains its business focus, has clear authority and that the context, including risks, is actively managed. This individual must be senior and must take personal responsibility for successfully delivery of the project. They should be recognised as the owner throughout the organisation.

An individual's responsibilities as an SRO should be explicitly included in their personal objectives and the individual should remain in place throughout the project or programme or change only when a distinct phase of benefit delivery has been completed.

The SRO should be prepared to take decisions and should be proactive in providing leadership and direction throughout the life of the project or programme. They should be responsible for ensuring the organisation can fully exploit the outcome of the change such that the benefits are delivered as a result of that outcome.

The SRO role fits existing project management methodologies because the SRO, as owner of the business change, should be the chair of the project (or programme) board.

Alongside the SRO initiative, the Senior IT Forum, a Government and Industry committee jointly sponsored by the OGC and Intellect, is introducing the Senior Responsible Industry Executive (SRIE) role. The SRIE will work in partnership with the SRO to ensure more successful delivery of IT-enabled change programmes in government.

This role is mirrored by the role of Senior Responsible Industry Executive.