Special Salary Rates for IT Workers



To assist Federal agencies in addressing recruitment and retention problems affecting the Government's IT workforce, OPM initiated a study that drew upon a variety of sources. Based on our analysis of information from agencies on their IT staffing situation, demographic information from OPM's Central Personnel Data File, and information from non-Federal salary surveys, we have determined that the most severe IT staffing problems are found at the lower, entry-level grades. General Schedule salaries lag far behind non-Federal salaries at these levels. In addition, agencies report that entry-level staffing problems likely will increase significantly in the future as agencies try to replace an increasing number of retiring IT workers. Higher rates of pay are essential at grades GS-5 through 12 for agencies to compete effectively in the current labor market for high quality employees with the latest, high demand IT skills. Although we are not authorizing higher pay at grade GS-13 or above, we will continue to monitor the IT staffing situation to determine whether these special rates should be expanded.

(Summary of IT Special Rate Study Findings)