The Accountable Government Initiative

The Obama Administration’s Effort to Cut Waste and Modernize Government

The White House


Laying a new foundation for economic growth will take a change in policies and priorities to unleash the creativity and hard work of the American people. But to prevent our country from backsliding into the irresponsibility of the past, we must change how Washington works. America cannot allow inertia to keep programs that duplicate other, more effective efforts or that simply do not work continue to operate year after year. Allowing taxpayer dollars to be wasted in this way is an irresponsible use of funds and an irresponsible abuse of the trust the American people put in its elected leaders. Instead of accepting the status quo, the President has worked from day one to change how business is done in Washington. As part of its Accountable Government Initiative, the Administration has moved to cut programs that don’t work and other wasteful spending, streamline what does work, modernize how government operates to save money and improve performance, and make government more open and responsive to the needs of the American people. In the months ahead, the Administration will work through the Accountable Government Initiative to restore a sense of responsibility and accountability for taxpayer dollars.