Transformational Government:Enabled by Technology

Cabinet Office
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  1. The Prime Minister commissioned this strategy to seize the opportunity provided by technology to transform the business of government. Technology has a major part to play in the solutions to each of three major challenges which globalisation is setting modern governments – economic productivity, social justice and public service reform. Only a strategic view will enable the United Kingdom to use technology decisively and effectively across government to meet its national objectives.
  2. In particular, the strategy was directed to provide overall technology leadership in three key areas:
    1. The transformation of public services for the benefit of citizens, businesses, taxpayers and front-line staff.
    2. The efficiency of the corporate services and infrastructure of government organisations, thus freeing resources for the front-line.
    3. The steps necessary to achieve the effective delivery of technology for government.
  3. This document focuses upon the core themes which each public sector organisation needs to develop into actions for its area of responsibility, and on the supporting actions to be taken across government as a whole. Alongside this document will be a series of short descriptions of how these principles will change public services in key delivery areas. It is also supported by more detailed working papers and recommendations.