eEurope 2002 Action Plan

行動計画(Action Plan)
Council, European Commission
PDF (2013/04時点リンク切れ)


The aim of this Action Plan is to ensure that the targets set by the Lisbon European Council are reached by defining the necessary measures. eEurope initially identified 10 areas where action at European level would add value. For this Action Plan, the key target areas have been revised in the light of the Lisbon European Council conclusions and the numerous reactions received, especially from the European Parliament and Member States and during the Informal Ministerial Conference on the Information and Knowledge Society held in Lisbon on 10-11 April.

As a result, the actions are clustered around three main objectives:

  1. A cheaper, faster, secure Internet
    • a) Cheaper and faster Internet access
    • b) Faster Internet for researchers and students
    • c) Secure networks and smart cards
  2. Investing in people and skills
    • a) European youth into the digital age
    • b) Working in the knowledge-based economy
    • c) Participation for all in the knowledge-based economy
  3. Stimulate the use of the Internet
    • a) Accelerating e-commerce
    • b) Government online: electronic access to public services
    • c) Health online
    • d) European digital content for global networks
    • e) Intelligent transport systems

(The objectives)