IT Reform参考資料(年表形式)


2012/07/18報告書(Report)Efforts to Improve Information on Federal Spending
2011/12/08報告書(Report)Doing More with Less Through Strategic Investments
2011/12/08報告書(Report)A Year in Review
2011/11/07報告書(Report)GAO-12-210, Accuracy Has Improved, and Additional Efforts Are Under Way to Better Inform Decision Making
2011/10/21報告書(Report)GAO-12-7, Critical Factors Underlying Successful Major Acquisitions
2011/10/07参考(Reference)FDCCI Public Plan Links
2011/10/06報告書(Report)GAO-12-130T, Additional Guidance Needed to Address Cloud Computing Concerns
2011/10/03報告書(Report)GAO-12-137, Weaknesses Continue Amid New Federal Efforts to Implement Requirements
2011/09/30報告書(Report)GAO-11-908, Key Practices from Select Efficiency Initiatives Should Be Shared Governmentwide
2011/09/29報告書(Report)GAO-11-826, OMB Needs to Improve Its Guidance on IT Investments
2011/09/23報告書(Report)GAO-11-775, Performance Measures for Projects Aimed at Promoting Innovation and Transparency Can Be Improved
2011/09/19参考(Reference)Join the National Dialogue on .gov Websites
2011/09/15報告書(Report)GAO-11-634, Opportunities Exist to Improve Role in Information Technology Management
2011/09/13参考(Reference)CIOC Introduces Technology Fellows Program
2011/08/08覚書(Memorandum)Memorandum M-11-29, Chief Information Officer Authorities
2011/07/21参考(Reference)IT Reform: OFPP Issues Guidelines for Specialized IT Acquisition Cadres
2011/07/21報告書(Report)GAO-11-455, Better Road Map Needed to Guide Implementation and Investments
2011/07/19参考(Reference)IT Reform: OPM Identifies IT Program Management Competencies
2011/07/19報告書(Report)GAO-11-565, Agencies Need to Complete Inventories and Plans to Achieve Expected Savings
2011/07/14参考(Reference)IT Reform: OMB Overhauls IT Investment Reporting
2011/07/14報告書(Report)GAO-11-831T, Continued Attention Needed to Accurately Report Federal Spending and Improve Management
2011/07/13覚書(Memorandum)Guidance for Specialized Information Technology Acquisition Cadres
2011/07/12覚書(Memorandum)Competency Model for IT Program Management
2011/06/21参考(Reference)Vivek’s Legacy
2011/06/16参考(Reference)Our Nation’s First Federal CIO
2011/06/08参考(Reference)IT Reform: IT Program Manager Becomes an Official Title
2011/06/02参考(Reference)IT Reform: Tracking Federal IT Infrastructure Consolidation
2011/05/31覚書(Memorandum)Addition of New Basic Title for IT Program Manager Positions in the Information Technology Management Series, GS-2210
2011/05/30参考(Reference)FierceGovernmentIT FOIAs OMB TechStat meeting info, Part II
2011/05/25報告書(Report)Agencies Have Identified 78 Systems Migrating to the Cloud
2011/05/17報告書(Report)GAO-11-454T, Investment Oversight and Management Have Improved but Continued Attention Is Needed
2011/04/27参考(Reference)White House Forum Details Progress on IT Reforms
2011/04/12報告書(Report)GAO-11-511T, Continued Improvements in Investment Oversight and Management Can Yield Billions in Savings
2011/04/07参考(Reference)IT Reform: Task Force Will Drive Data Center Closures
2011/03/29参考(Reference)IT Reform: OPM Creates IT Program Manager Title
2011/03/25参考(Reference)IT Reform: Agencies Hold First TechStat Sessions
2011/03/17参考(Reference)Sunshine, Savings, and Service
2011/03/15報告書(Report)GAO-11-262, OMB Has Made Improvements to Its Dashboard, but Further Work Is Needed by Agencies and OMB to Ensure Data Accuracy
2011/03/01報告書(Report)GAO-11-318SP, Opportunities to Reduce Potential Duplication in Government Programs, Save Tax Dollars, and Enhance Revenue
2011/01/28ガイド(Guide)TechStat Training Deck
2011/01/28ガイド(Guide)TechStat Toolkit
2011/01/18覚書(Memorandum)2011 IT Workforce Capability Assessment
2011/01/07覚書(Memorandum)Technology Neutrality


2010/10/01覚書(Memorandum)Update on the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative
2010/09/28覚書(Memorandum)Transition to IPv6
2010/08/27覚書(Memorandum)Memorandum M-97-02, Funding Information Systems Investments (Raines Rules)
2010/07/28覚書(Memorandum)Memorandum M-10-31, Immediate Review of Information Technology Projects
2010/07/22報告書(Report)GAO-10-872T, Challenges In Federal Agencies' Use of Web 2.0 Technologies
2010/07/16報告書(Report)GAO-10-701, OMB's Dashboard Has Increased Transparency and Oversight, but Improvements Needed
2010/07/06覚書(Memorandum)Memorandum M-10-28, Clarifying Cybersecurity Responsibilities and Activities of the Executive Office of the President and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
2010/07/01報告書(Report)GAO-10-855T, Governmentwide Guidance Needed to Assist Agencies in Implementing Cloud Computing
2010/06/??ガイド(Guide)Best Practices: Elements of a Federal Privacy Program Version 1.0
2010/06/28覚書(Memorandum)Memorandum M-10-27, Information Technology Investment Baseline Management Policy
2010/06/28覚書(Memorandum)Memorandum M-10-26, Immediate Review of Financial Systems IT Projects
2010/06/28覚書(Memorandum)Memorandum M-10-25, Reforming the Federal Government’s Efforts to Manage Information Technology Projects
2010/05/27報告書(Report)GAO-10-513, Federal Guidance Needed to Address Control Issues with Implementing Cloud Computing
2010/05/20報告書(Report)State of Public Sector Cloud Computing
2010/05/07報告書(Report)GAO-10-394, Opportunities Exist to Strengthen OMB's Approach to Improving Efficiency
2010/04/30参考(Reference)Commencement Remarks by Vivek Kundra
2010/04/21覚書(Memorandum)Memorandum M-10-15, FY 2010 Reporting Instructions for the Federal Information Security Management Act and Agency Privacy Management


2009/10/07覚書(Memorandum)Memorandum M-10-01, Increased Emphasis on Program Evaluations
2009/09/17覚書(Memorandum)Memorandum M-09-32, Update on the Trusted Internet Connections Initiative
2009/04/28報告書(Report)GAO-09-624T, Management and Oversight of Projects Totaling Billions of Dollars Need Attention
2009/01/??ガイド(Guide)Federal CIO Council Transition Guide
2008/10/21覚書(Memorandum)Memorandum M-09-02, Information Technology Management Structure and Governance Framework